Life As I Know It

Part 12: Another Delay…

That night, Memorial Day, we found out that the airport would not be open by Wednesday.  Instead it would open Thursday, and our flights were now pushed until Sunday—exactly nine days after they scheduled.  If we flew out Sunday, we would arrive in Atlanta Sunday night (well, actually more like 2 a.m. on Monday) which meant missing work yet again Monday morning.

This whole changing-flights-thing was starting to get old.  We didn’t make any decisions that night, but began toying with the idea of flying out of San Salvador, which was about a five hour drive from Guatemala City.

The question I’ve gotten the most since coming home is, “what did you do with all your time?”  Well, we had a number of hang out spots.  Our favorite coffee shops were Café Condessa, The Bagel Barn, and … McCafe.  It’s true.  McDonald’s there had a great little café as well, and we made full use of the whole place.  I mean, honestly, it was comfort food on some of our truly stressful days.  The Bagel Barn however became our favorite spot.  Just down the street from our hotel, it provided possibly the best bagels I’ve ever had, along with really good smoothies.  I did a lot of reading and writing in that little shop.

We also wandered the markets a lot.  Because it’s such a touristy place, the markets are truly made for foreigners like us.  We saw a few movies, ate a lot of food, and we used a Laundromat midweek, which I think means we can officially say we “lived” in Guatemala. One night, after dinner, we went out dancing and then hung out on the roof of our hotel with a bit of wine.  You can rest assured we found plenty to do most days, and made the best of it. Luckily, Antigua is a beautiful place to be stranded.

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