Life As I Know It

Part 9: Tropical Storm Agatha

Saturday’s adventures, like most of the rest, did not turn out quite as planned.  I woke up around 7:30 to the sound of pouring rain. Upon poking my head out the door, I beheld the members of our group who were supposedly out hiking.

“Did you guys decide not to go?”

Oh no.  They went.  They drove for an hour before turning back due to the torrential rain that was turning the roads to mud.  Along the bumpy way, they even watched on as a good Samaritan attempted to fill holes in the road so that a bus could pass by.  Needless to say, this adventure came to a quick halt.  Katy has a first-hand account of the experience over on her blog.

As we opened the news, we discovered that not only was this a major rain fall, but it was a result of Tropical Storm Agatha making its way through Central America.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is, in fact, natural disaster number two.

After being told there was no end in sight (evidenced by the 10-day forecast that had 100% chance of rain…every day) we began coffee shop hopping to pass the time.  Depressed and soaked, we stared out the windows and wondered if we would really get out on Monday.

I did a lot of reading on that rainy day, and in the days to follow.

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