Life As I Know It

Part 3: My Luck

I often jest that although I love to travel, I seem to have the worst traveling luck in the world.  I can guarantee you that 85% of the time I fly, my flights are delayed or cancelled.  Apparently, this day was no exception.  Our flight from Atlanta to Miami was delayed by about 30 minutes.  We were only supposed to have a 45 minute lay over in Miami anyway, so though we were a tad concerned about this delay, we were positive that American Airlines would notice nine people (one flew Delta) missing from their flight, and would hold it until we made our way from our connecting flight.

No such luck.  We stepped off our plane and into the airport exactly three minutes after our flight was scheduled to take off.  Running through the airport (and for the record, this is only my second airport run), we still made comments such as, “surely they know we are coming—we were just on another one of their flights!”  Yet, we ran up to a deserted gate—no passengers, no airline staff, no plane.  Not only had the plane departed, but it departed one minute ahead of schedule.  Never in my life has any plane that I’ve been on taken off early.

After much airport wandering, we found the American Airlines desk, where a very cranky 30-something woman informed us that there were no more flights to Guat City that night, and that they would not cover our accommodations since our flight had been delayed due to bad weather…in Houston.  Just as we prepared our angry faces, she looked at our itinerary and said, “Oh you flew in with American Eagle [they’re different????] so you need to go to that desk down there.”

Thankfully, “that desk” was much more helpful and put us in a Miami hotel for the night, along with a free shuttle and meal vouchers.  Sunday morning, we made our way to the airport and onto our flight to Guatemala City without a hitch.

“Phew,” we all said, basically in unison.  “Good thing all the delays are happening on the front end.  This means the rest of the trip will be delay-free!”


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