Life As I Know It

Part 2: We Begin

The trip began like most group trips do.  Inevitably, with ten people, someone will be late, someone will forget something, and someone will get sick.   We held two meetings prior to the trip to ensure we would be prepared as humanly possible.  May in Guatemala means rainy season, so we were to bring rain jackets and be prepared.  As we further discussed what “rainy season” meant, someone stated:

“So, basically, it might rain, or it might not rain?”

We found great humor and logic in this fact, and it would later be applied to many other situations.

The plan was that on Friday, May 21, I would come home from work (already packed, of course), and Katy and I would drive to her parents’ house in Atlanta.  Due to the sink hole on I-24 that week, we drove to Atlanta via Birmingham, adding about an hour to our trip.  Most of the group made their way to Atlanta that evening, as well, with the exception of Clair and Dan, who planned to leave early Saturday morning to meet us at Katy’s house.

Saturday morning we all woke up to a text from Claire, asking “Does anyone have Dan’s address?  He was supposed to be here 15 minutes ago.” Long story short(ish), Claire found Dan’s address, drove to his house, and knocked on his door to find out that his alarm clock had not alarmed him.  Thankfully, they made it to Atlanta in plenty of time, meeting us at the airport.  Because of this slight delay, Claire’s car was parked at the airport in long-term parking.  I don’t mean to throw Dan under the bus with this story—it just happens to be an important piece of the big picture.  We all got through security and to our gate without a hitch.

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