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Where In The World Is MM??

Wow, so, I know I know…I’ve been completely m.i.a. this week…and I hate to break it to you, but I will be next week too!  For the past week, my roomies and I have packed, moved, unpacked, and attempted to get settled in our new home.  Sad to say goodbye, but exciting to say HELLO!

And today, I begin a week-long adventure to Guatemala with nine other amazing people.  For the past several years, the Presbyterian Student Fellowship at my university has made several trips to Santiago Atitlan.  The group has consistently worked with Hospitalito Atitlan.  The hospital was opened in 2004, after committed work from countless international volunteers.

{me and roomie Katy back in 2006}

However, fifteen months after opening, the hospital was buried in devastating mudslides, caused by Tropical Storm Stan.  It took about two minutes for the mudslides to completely overtake the town of Panabaj.  When I visited in 2006, we were able to visit the site of the abandoned hospital.  Though the inside had been mostly cleared out, the hardened mud still surrounds the area.  Here’s a photo of the buried hospital from my 2006 trip:

A temporary Hospitalito Atitlan was opened in another area of town immediately following the mudslides.  In 2007, construction began on a permanent and beautiful hospital for the people of Atitlan.  Groups of students who have visited the area since 2007 have worked on this building, as will our group next week.

If you’re curious about Hospitalito Atitlan, or are interested in giving to their medical and non-medical needs, I encourage you to visit their wish list page, and clicking around their site a bit.  What they do for the people there is incredible.

Catch you on the flip side!

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