Life As I Know It, Picture Taking Time

Ode to Kenner

On Saturday, we’ll move away from the house we have loved for the last two years. A lot has happened in and around these walls — happiness, heart break, hope, homework, meals, craft fails, parties (lots and lots of parties), snow, friendships, fights, and the list goes on.  The people who have lived in and visited our house have really made it the home it is.  So, much like Katy’s part one and part two, here is my Ode to Kenner.

Beautiful from the day we moved in:

We made our very first turkey:

I started getting into photography and experimenting around the house:

I even took a photography class…for which Halloween made a good topic:

There were many game/wine nights:

Katy got Tucker…

Who ran away and got hurt:

Two great Christmases, along with wine and cheese parties:

I could go on and on with the great events we’ve hosted with our even greater friends, but I’ll stop at this.  More than anything, I’m just going to miss the everyday comfort of a place that has really started to feel like home.  Fond memories, always.

Oh, and I’ll REALLY miss my days on the porch…



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