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Field Day

Let’s take a break from flood coverage.  It’s a tad overwhelming, and there will be so much to talk about in the months to come.

Let’s talk about field day.

This morning, Katy said, “Do you hear music?” and in fact, she was right.  Coming through our windows was the joyous sound of music: it is field day down the street.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’d forgotten about field day after all these years, but as we chatted about it, my memories all came flooding back to me.  I don’t even remember the exact games we played, but the feelings I had remain strong.  Never did I feel such care-free freedom and bliss as I did in my days galavanting about Parkview Elementary.

I vaguely remember tug of war, three-legged races, sack races, hoola hooping, and water baloons…I think…and definitely endless amounts of four-square, which we were completely addicted to.

Do you remember games you played?  What were they and what were your favorites?

6 thoughts on “Field Day”

  1. I looooooved Field Day…especially our games of capture the flag on the big front lawn of FPC! Our Field Day memories involved intense rivalries that span generations…just ask any OHS grad. Go Acorns!


  2. We always had field day…. But my memory was always getting the “you are super uncoordinated but we have to give you a ribbon because that is politically correct and you are 8 and we don’t want you to cry because you tripped” ribbon… Alas, it was always fun to play outside for a whole day before summer break!


  3. I remember an obstacle course through the entirety of the playground. I revisited it just a week ago now… Everything was tiny except for the swings, which were just the right size for us now (they were huge as kids).

    As for what we were addicted to, that was razor tag. The title ‘razors’ were forearms and shins (anything further out than elbows or knees). The vulnerable spots were upper arms and calves (anything further in from the knees or elbows until the next joint). If you hit a vulnerable spot with a razor, you lost that limb.

    … You can probably imagine the rest. ‘Twas quite fun. It is quite fun, actually; I wish people would play it more often.


  4. Sadly, what I remember now is that I should have felt sorry for the teacher. 🙂 It was fun though, as a student.


  5. I actually hated Field Day as a kid, but LOVE IT as a teacher. All those Sigma Chi Derby Days competitions taught me well…my class OWNS tug-of-war. And I’m quite disappointed that there will be no field day this year. But you better believe we would dominate that rope-tugging event!


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