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Toasted Mushroom Pasta

What happens when you toast some pasta and mix in some mushrooms and such? Um, deliciousness happens. Thanks gimme some oven for this absurdly delicious recipe.

So, we sort of took this recipe and ran with it.  And by ran with it, I mean we sort of doubled it.  By guessing at a lot of amounts.  And tasting.  Often.

Idea was pretty much the same though.  We toasted some whole wheat penne in a pan while our mushroom-wine mixture sauteed.

And before our pasta burned (we learned that there is, in fact, a fine line between “toasted” and “burnt”) we doused it in chicken stock and cooked until al dente.

Everything came together quite splendidly, if I do say so myself.

And then we filled our tummies with the most delicious meal of our lives.  The end.  OH! BUT WAIT! This is not the end.  See those pretty tomato things? Check back tomorrow to discover the amazing stuffed tomato recipe that WILL, in fact, change your life.

I don’t think I’ll ever sautee mushrooms without wine again.

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