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Megster Meter vs. The Quilt

MM: 0, Quilt: 1

I hoped to finish my quilt this weekend, however, due to a major thread fail, we have a slight delay. I’m allowing all you lucky MM readers to witness my utter quilt defeat. But never fear…the completed quilt is soon to come.

There was progress with pinning and cutting:

And then…



Oh well!  I will soon be finished, and you can all drool over my great t-shirt quilt success!

2 thoughts on “Megster Meter vs. The Quilt”

  1. This was my summer goal for last summer. Where are the t-shirts, you ask? Still in my parents’ closet. Maybe Rachel can come visit and MM can give us a “T-Shirt Quilt Making For Impatient Teachers” class. 🙂


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