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Knitting a Scarf

Yes, it’s April.  Yes, it’s been somewhere around 80 degrees lately.  But I have always wanted to knit or crochet my mom a scarf, and so I began my venture back in January.  The scarf you are about to see was intended to be a birthday present for my mom on March 7.  However, she received it on April 7 upon her arrival in Nashville.  To try to bridge the one month gap, I spread ALL of her birthday presents out so that she received one gift per week from March 7 – April 7.  Is that sly or what?

Regardless of the timing or the temperature, my mom loved her knit scarf.  It’s soft, about three-months long, and made with lots of love.  Hopefully next winter in Wisconsin won’t feel so cold!

Just check out all the love in those details!

And yes, a lot of knitting happened in a lot of places, including airports, rush hours, lunch hours, bean bag chairs, and ski trips…

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