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Heart Layer Cake

This cake looks TO DIE FOR!!

But we didn’t make this one.  We found it over on I Am Baker, where she made it with ease.  But Carli and I knew we had to try it.  So below, find our attempt at replicating I Am Baker’s amazing skills.

We did alright, if I do say so myself.  Lesson learned: don’t put frosting between the two halves of the heart.  That would have helped a lot.  Next time, though, it will be perfect.  This cake was DELICIOUS, despite of how it looked.

You can find the unbeatable butter cream frosting recipe from Magnolia, just get ready to use a lot of butter and powdered sugar.  I must admit though…we used box mixes for the white and red velvet cakes.

Below, please indulge yourself in our cake making chronicle.

Cake Making:

Round one complete!

And round two!

And then, leveling the cakes.

And cake crumbling.



And I mean, there are a lot of scraps of cake in this process…

Tracing out our circle.

MISTAKE: Do not put frosting in between the red layers, or you have a broken heart!

And be careful when flipping one onto the other, or you will have a heart spill…

And let’s add as much delicious frosting as possible…

And decorate…

It’s finished!

Yeah, it’s a little messy…but SO DELICIOUS!!!

It’ll be better next time!!  Go team.

3 thoughts on “Heart Layer Cake”

  1. Great job girls! It looks delicious and was chronicled perfectly. I love the Carli/Kashi look:) getting caught eating the goods!!


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