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Paper Easter Bunny Treats

While Carli and I hung out for the weekend in Chicago, we made a special Easter treat for a few lucky friends and family members…bunnies!  And not just any bunnies, oh no sir.  PAPER bunnies, filled with CANDY.  You just can’t go wrong.  We got the idea over at Martha Stewart.  We didn’t even have a printer handy, so we made our own templates for everything.  How crafty are we??

First, get yourself a big stack of envelopes, and lick ’em all shut.  Mmmmm….

Make yourself a template, and trace it on the back side of each envelope.

Then cut them out!

Make yourself a cute little ear template based on your bunny template, and cut out lots and lots of bunny ears.

Glue all of your little ears to the fronts of your bunnies.

And let the cotton balls invade.

Glue yourself a little cotton ball on the front center of each bunny–they need noses!

Then draw a little mouth and eyes.  You may be able to be more creative with this than I was, but one thing I a NOT is an artist.

Extra cotton balls?  Why not add some little fluffy tails of assorted colors!!??

They are all just so happy.

If you have one of these awesome little stampers like Carli has, then make yourself a personalized stamp and notecards for all of the lucky recipients of your bunny envelopes.

Fill them up with candy and grassy stuffing!!  They won’t even know what hit them.

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