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Weekend with Carli {MM Bonus Post}

This post is really just for myself, and for the handful of you who may care.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I just spent a great weekend doing all things girly with Carli, who is currently residing just outside of Chicago.  I just had to share with you a few of my biggest takeaways from our time together.

{Taken on Carli’s iPhone: Our amazing waiter at the Brazillian Steak House practiced his martini-caligraphy (martinigraphy?) on this heavenly chocolate martini}

1. Brazillian Steak Houses are the coolest, meatiest restaurants I have ever experienced, and Dad, we must find one because you would be in heaven.

2. A whisk covered in red velvet cake batter does, in fact, stain carpeting.  And clothes.

3. I can only dream of being as fabulous a hostess and showing the level of hospitality Carli and Spence showed me.

4. Let’s talk about heaven.  Then let’s talk about a giant, homemade, pink marshmallow, thoroughly covered in pink sprinkles.  And THEN let’s talk about how they are the same thing.

5. After our first attempt at a heart-centered cake, which turned out just a tad rough around the edges, I think it’s pretty obvious we should try again soon.  Who wants cake?

6. Dora The Explorer personalized birthday video = win.

7. A paper bunny explosion is a great project while watching 9 to 5, The September Issue, and Singing In The Rain.

8. I need more Le Creuset in my life.  Apparently, I also need more TJ Maxx in my life. 

9. And I definitely need more Carli in my life.

10. Forty-eight hours away from computers, phones, school work, work work, chores, calorie-counting, and exercising can, in fact, feel like the longest, best vacation of your life.

Carli and Spence, I love you both!!  (and you too, Kashi!)

1 thought on “Weekend with Carli {MM Bonus Post}”

  1. Clearly, it was the best weekend of our lives!! So please come again, because I want to perfect that ❤ Cake.

    I have decided that we should start a bake shop called "Pink Heart Bakery". I'm already working on the logo, don't worry!


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