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Engagement Canvas

Of all the crafts I love, I am absolutely the WORST at painting.  Truly, it doesn’t matter what it is…I shouldn’t be painting it.  Yet I made an attempt to paint a cute and fun canvas for my soon-to-be- married friend, Carli.  A few things to know about Carli: she loves pink, she loves hearts, she loves all things homemade, and she loves Spence.  Also, her new last name begins with a “P” and they’ll be getting married in July.

All of that combined, and you get a fun little craft-room-esque canvas that she happened to love…

I’m so happy she loved it! And for all of you legit painters out there, maybe you can take this and make it even better.  But I would say that my version is, in fact, “Carli-perfect.”

1 thought on “Engagement Canvas”

  1. Meghan, this was the best gift ever! It is currently displayed in my bedroom. As soon as Spence and I move into our new place together, it is going to have a place of honor in my craft room 🙂 You are the best and I can’t tell you how much I love it!



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