Life As I Know It, Words and such

To My Parents, On Valentine’s Day

I have his joyful joking
and her quiet perseverance;
his dislike of crazy crowds,
but her love of the stage.
My day has his morning mug of black coffee,
and her 15-minute-lunch-hour-nap;
it begins with a robe he gave me,
and ends with a book she recommended.
I have the smile he paid a small truck for;
the education her parents never encouraged;
his addiction to food;
her whimsical taste;
the bounce in his step;
the song in her head.
Even without their genes,
I am my parents.

4 thoughts on “To My Parents, On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Hi honey, thanks for the beautiful sentiment on valentine’s day! You are so special and the greatest gift that God has given to us. The woman you are, represents the best qualities of two parents that aren’t always perfect, but have loved you with perfection.
    Happy Valentine’s Day…love, mom


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