What are you making for the Super Bowl?

Carli reminded me that the Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and I need to decide what I’m making for our party!  Katy is making jambalaya, Ashley is making a delicious dip…I’m thinking I may need to find some sort of tasty cheesey corn bread recipe.  Do you have an amazing corn bread recipe for me to try? If so, please share!!

I think I may also need to make some of Grandma’s peanut butter bars

YUM!!  I’ll report back next Tuesday 🙂

3 thoughts on “What are you making for the Super Bowl?”

  1. If you want something really quick and easy, try just pouring some artisan honey mustard (or any honey mustard, really) over a block of cream cheese and serving that with crackers. I like Wheat Thins the best- super tasty!

    One of my other favourite snacks for parties like that is the lettuce wrap… My favourite filling would definitely be chicken with some sort of a spicy sauce (and I don’t even like spicy food!).

    Sorry- not too big a fan of cornbread. 😛


  2. Can you please share the recipe of Grandma’s peanut butter bars? YUM!

    As for corn bread, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a good ole fashioned Jiff mix 🙂 I know that isn’t technically from scratch, but you can embellish by adding cheese or peppers!


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