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Crafting Calendar

Am I obsessed with all things calendar & organization related? Yes.  YES YES!!

So why did I never think of this before?  Simple, but with the new year I’ve created a bit of a “Crafting Calendar” for myself.  I have not yet made it into something pretty, but the point is that it EXISTS and if I share it with you, my crafty friends, it will me help me stay accountable.  You may find many of these items on my 101 in 1001 list if you look closely!!

Without further ado…

January: Learn to knit and proceed to make a baby hat (okay, I did learn how…I just haven’t finished one quite yet)

February: Take a sewing class, purchase the rest of the materials for my t-shirt quilt, and begin prep work (I’m taking this class on WEDNESDAY!!)

March: Finish my t-shirt quilt!!!!

April & May: Make a dress (gotta put the sewing class to really good use)

June, July, & August: Create the scrapbook of a lifetime of my college musical theater days with the bajillions of photos I recently ordered–that’s six semesters of musical theater photography GALORE.

September: Make a purse (will be sewing goddess by this point)

The end.

Yes, the list ends in September.  I am working under the assumption that either a) I won’t have finished all my projects yet and will need some catch up time, or b) I will have discovered more hidden talents and crafting joys that I will want to work on.

So, feedback?  Any additional projects you’d like to see happen?  Any experience with or wisdom about some of these new projects that you would like to pass on to me?

Happy Crafting Monday!  Craft on.

2 thoughts on “Crafting Calendar”

  1. So, the idea is, you need to finish the project within the corresponding month? Neato. I should make one of these- though, not being the crafty type, it’d have a different focus.


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