Daily Notes, Picture Taking Time

My Bookshelf

As much as I love our porch, the loft, my crafting space, and even my bedroom, I think that my bookshelf is hands down my favorite “section” of our home.  It’s warm and cozy, and so full of memories that a single blog post can hardly capture it all.  I always smile when I look at it simply because it reminds me of what a blessed life I have lived so far, and it instills hope in me that I will continue to live a full and REAL life.

It’s memories of enchanted proms and childhood stories…

Of English classes that studied monsters and Caribbean literature, and of travels to France…

Of learning photography, and moments spent sitting on a rock, talking with my dad…

Of girlfriends who are beautiful, and of a time when I could speak and read French much better than I can now…

Of the issues facing our world, learned in classes and seen on trips to impoverished nations…

Every shelf tells a story.  Life is not made of the items we own, but sometimes those very items are what remind us of how precious and glorious life really is.  I hope you’re living a beautiful life today!

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