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Red Velvet Cake Bites

I admit it: I am renaming these from Cake Balls to Cake Bites.  It just sounds more appealing.

These were SO delicious to have over the holidays, but be sure if you are going to make them that you have TIME.  A great Saturday or Sunday (or holiday) project, they take much, much TIME.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That said, each step is quite easy!  First, bake a red velvet cake (nothing wrong with a box mix), let it cool completely, then crumble it.

Mix one container of cream cheese frosting into the cake.  I recommend using your hands for this step.

Next, you’ll want to let the cake/frosting mixture chill.  If you are making these in Wisconsin, like I did, just stick them in your garage for an hour or two.

Once chilled, form your cake into little balls.  I used a melon scooper and my hands.

Melt one super-sized bag of milk chocolate chips.  We had a handy-dandy candy making pot which was perfect for melting chocolate and keeping it in its most perfect melted state.  However, I’m sure you can make a double boiler or a glass bowl over a pot of simmering water work.

Dip each ball into the chocolate and place on wax paper or silicon cookie sheets.  Decorate as you see fit.  Let chill for several hours.

Tada!!  A delicious Christmas treat.

If you put lollipop sticks into them, you’ll have cake pops–another delicious creation.  Just think of the endless possibilities of cake and chocolate combinations…yum!  I know mom is excited to dig in again sometime.

5 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake Bites”

  1. I’ve only just come across this now but I think its a brilliant idea – Just one question. I’ve tried to make chocolate truffles before covered in chocolate as your cake bites are, but I was using a glass bowl over a saucepan of water. The chocolate, although it melted nice and slowly, it remained very thick and was difficult to cover the truffles with. Do you have any advice before i attempt these? 🙂


    1. Absolutely! First, if you use candy melts (found at michaels and other crafty places) or bark (at just about every grocery store), you probably won’t run into this problem. But any time you want to use chocolate chips or anything along those lines, just add a little bit of crisco to your chocolate. Be careful not to over do it, or it won’t get hard, but just start with a tiny bit and see if you like the consistency. I hope that helps! –Meghan


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