Daily Notes, Picture Taking Time

A Year in Review, Part 3: Photography

In the fall of 2008, I took a photography class with my dad’s beautiful 35mm camera.  Not long after the completion of that class, my dad loaned me his even more beautiful digital Nikon D70.  It takes a lot of mistakes to make something beautiful, but here are my top five favorite photos of the last year.

#1. Bird of Lady Liberty

#2. Wings

#3. Sunflower

#4. Clowns, Trucks, and Kids

#5. I’d Rather Be Sailing

I’d rather be sailing, yes, I would
On an open sea
I’d stand at the railing if I could
Feeling wild and free

The sun is on my neck, the wind is in my face
The water’s incredibly blue
And I’d rather be sailing
Yes, I’d wanna go sail
And then come home to you

A New Brain

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