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{Megster Meter} Likes

Today is more of a “favorites friday” than a “fun friday.”  Well…it’s fun for me, so I guess that counts.  I think it’s about that time again to name our five favorite things out there in blogworld again…KatyAshleyKate?  Anyone up for a favorites challenge?

1. Clothbound Pride and Prejudice from Anthropologie.  it. is. just. beautiful. (Thanks Buttons Magee)

2. Christmas Petit Fours from i am baker.  Maybe I’ll be this talented by next Christmas.

3. Wooden tape dispensers from tinted mint to go with all the tape I love, but do not yet own.  (Thanks Oh Joy!)

4. Winter Wonderland Snowflake Cake from the Pink Cake Box.  This is not only the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen, but it makes me want to be in some snowy fairy tale or something.

5. PAPER.  I love paper, but these two are especially awesome:

some from the Rifle Paper Co. over at Oh Joy!


and some that Hello! Lucky has over on The Brightside Project.

p.s. YES I recognize that there are two cake related items in my favorites.  What can I say…they are just beautiful!!

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