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Holiday Wine and Cheese Party Invitations

Now that we have Thanksgiving behind us, we can officially move on to CHRISTMAS.  And, in celebration of the season, we will be hosting another Wine and Cheese Party.  But this won’t be your typical wine and cheese…oh no, this will be a CHRISTMAS Wine and Cheese Party.  Get pumped.

To get everyone in the holiday mood, we spent some time making real, snail-mail bound paper invitations for our event.  If you’re looking to get people excited about your party this holiday season, follow these simple invitation instructions!

What you’ll need:
Cream-colored card stock (to print on)
Colored card stock (your choice on the color–whatever fits your party best!)
Fun scissors (we love scallops and waves)
Wide ribbon to match your colors
A guest list!

First, decide on your text.  Type it up and print it out.  Using a colored font can add a nice touch.

Second, be sure your base (colored) card stock fits in your envelopes (if it doesn’t, cut it).  Scallop your printed cream-colored card stock smaller than your base card stock.

Next, glue your papers together.

Finally, tie a ribbon around your invitation for some flair.  You may need to flatten it a tad for your envelope, but your guests will love discovering something special in the mail.

Throw the party of the year!

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