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Letterpress AT HOME!!!!

Ok world (aka parental unit) THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!


Do I know how to letterpress?  No.

But do I LOVE all things letterpress?  YES!!!!

And they have now made it possible for little old me to letterpress at home!  Does that not make your heart SKIP a beat?  It does mine!!

Thank you to Modern Eve for pointing this out over at paper source for the crafty-blog-obsessers like me to see!!


What does the kit include, you may wonder?  Why let me tell you!

  • Letterpress tool
  • Epic 6 machine
  • Clear packing mat with packing sheet
  • Ink brayer
  • Ink base
  • Black letterpress ink
  • Letterpress paper (10 sheets of A2 flat)
  • Paper positioning guides
  • Printing plates
  • Printing plate adhesive

Coolest thing EVER?  Yes.  Yes, I believe it is.

{pictures from Modern Eve and Paper Source}

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