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Act The Way You Want To Feel

This is a fundamental statement over at The Happiness Project.  And I love it, so I may have even written about it before.  But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are crying, so you keep feeling sad, so you keep crying?  Or, as many have put it, you eat because you’re sad and you’re sad because you eat?  I have had periods in my life where I have felt miserable, and then I decide I am done.  I choose to act happier, enjoy my time, and do something I love.  Then suddenly, I feel happier.  Suddenly I feel like myself.

I’ve realized recently that I feel the most like myself when I feel joyful.  Everyone has a baseline for their daily emotions: some people tend to be a little melancholy in their normal state, others tend to be manic, and still others are simply neutral.  Though I wouldn’t call myself manic, I would say that my “normal” state of contentment has a lot of joy in it.  So when I go through times of feeling neutral, or even blue, I know that something is up. 

So if you haven’t been feeling like your “normal” self lately, do something about it!  Think about why you really have been feeling that way, do something you love, make a conscious decision to let it go, and love your life again.  Life is worth loving!

I like to think my baseline emotion looks something like this:


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