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Cookie Cake Pie Extreme

Yes, you heard right: Cookie Cake Pie. This is inspired by our friend Cakespy, and now here it is on Megster Meter. Baked for our tailgate last weekend, this dessert brought smiles to many faces. Here is the story of the ultimate dessert experiment.

10.3.09 049

Begin with a pie crust of your choosing, and fill it with a few inches of the cookie dough of your choosing. Here, we have peanut butter cookie dough.

10.3.09 001

Next, add cake batter of your choosing. I chose chocolate fudge cake. Be sure to leave some space for the cake to rise.

10.3.09 009

Bake to perfection…which is when the cake is cooked through.

10.3.09 023

Frost and decorate in any way you see fit. You can’t go wrong with funfetti.

10.3.09 027


10.3.09 055

Perfection, even on a paper plate at a tailgate.

10.3.09 060

What’s that? You have extra cookie dough and extra cake batter? How about some cupcakes?!?!

Some with cookie dough bottoms, some with cookie dough nuggets…you just really can’t go wrong.

10.3.09 017

Check out the beauty. See the cookie at the bottom of these cupcakes? They were as yummy is the pie!

10.3.09 046

No shortage of desserts in this house, that’s for sure.

5 thoughts on “Cookie Cake Pie Extreme”

  1. Hm I think maybe 40 minutes? But our oven is touch and go, so I can’t say it would be the same for you. Just keep an eye on it!


  2. This looks so yummy. I am normally a cake only person, but this cake/pie/cookie hybrid may be right up my alley. Thanks for sharing, I am trying these pronto.


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