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Journal Project

Though I love keeping journals, I, like most people, am very bad at keeping up with them. I always start out strong and die out by the end of the month. I recently read a great idea, however, from The Happiness Project about keeping a “non-journal.”

The concept is simple. Find a journal with at least 366 pages and write the date at the top of each, without the year. Then, anytime something significant happens in your life, find the page coinciding with that day and make a one or two sentence journal entry, along with the year. It will take a lifetime to fill, but just think of how neat it is to look and see what else was happing on this day other years, and to see your life fill with meaningful memories.

Search though I might, I have yet to find a journal with at least 366 pages. So I went to one of my favorite online shops, Etsy, where you can purchase handmade items from crafters around the world. I sought out the journal folks, found one I really liked, and asked her if she thought making a journal for this new project was reasonable.

Not only did journal junky make me my own personal journal, but she made me FOUR. Yes, I now have my own handmade journal for each season of the year. I can’t wait for a rainy Saturday to fill it up with days and sketches of the seasons. Please check her out and check out my pictures of the journals she made me!

8.30.09 002

8.30.09 018

8.30.09 015

2 thoughts on “Journal Project”

    1. I’ve been really loving this on going little project. I definitely write in my significant things as they come along, and it’s crazy to see how long ago some things were. Time flies!


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