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Inspiration from Nienie Dialogues

After Juju shared this incredible blog with me the other day, I have become addicted. Most of the blogs I read are, indeed, inspirational but hardly any of them are as beautiful and personal as the Nie Nie Dialgoues.


What you need to know:
Nienie, Stephanie Nielson, is a vibrant 28 year-old Mormon wife and mother of four. I’m pretty sure her kids (who have every hair color imaginable) are the most adorable things in the world. She’s been blogging since 2005, and it didn’t take her long to gather quite the following thanks to her beautiful writing, love letters to and from her husband, and stories of motherhood and faith.

A little over a year ago, her and her husband were in a near-fatal plane crash, and Stephanie suffered burns on over 80% of her body, while her husband suffered burns on 30%. While she was in a medically induced coma, her sisters took care of her children and updated her blogging community regarding Stephanie’s condition.

Since recovering well enough to right, Nienie has begun to blog again, constantly refering to the day to day struggles she faces, continual surgeries, and yet joys of her family, life, and God. Her face has changed a little, but her loving heart and faith has only gotten stronger. It is a rare thing that someone is so willing to share these sort of experiences with complete strangers.

Recently, to celebrate the one year anniversary since her accident, Nienie and Mr. Nielson climbed a local mountain.  Her incredible endurance and their incredible love for each other is truly a God send to all her know her (and those who don’t!) as they learn about her life.

If you read Nienie Dialogues, I highly recommend you dig into the archives and start a couple years ago. It’s amazing book you won’t be able to put down.

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