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“Call Me Home” A New Musical

Ok, a little self promotion.  If you are in the Nashville area, you’ve got to come out and see this brand new musical: Call Me Home written by local Nashvillians Rick Seay and Kevin Fogarty, opening July 24.


It’s an amazing story of a house and the generations that live within it.  From 1831 when it was built, to the Civil War, to the Depression and modern times, the stories of the families in its walls will be sure to touch your hearts!

The rehearsal process has been such an incredible experience.  This is a cast comprised of some of the most talented (and entertaining) people I’ve met!  One thing that drew me to audition for this show was the chance to be a part of something new–part of the creative process.  I know I wasn’t around for pre-readings and such, but just being a part of rewrites, new ideas, and experimental songs has been an amazing opportunity in itself.  I love being at rehearsals.  I’ve always found a lot of joy in being a part of productions, but this one has already found a special place in my heart.  For me the characters I play allow me to grow as an actress and a woman.  From the joy of Priscilla, to the anguish of Elizabeth, to the giddiness of Pauline, the women I have been charged to embody are women of strength, love, and depth.  What a blessing!

Check out the website with a few rehearsal pictures and blog entries.

Post show update: Two photos of me in “Call Me Home.”

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