101 in 1001, Thoughts in the Faith

#73: Join the worship team in any capacity

It’s really funny how God works sometimes. I’ve been trying for a year to get involved with the worship team at the church I’ve attended since I was a freshman in college. I’ve talked with a few different people who are always very enthusiastic about needing my help. Whether it’s running the powerpoint or helping with the children’s music, I’ve told them I am willing to do whatever is needed. Having not heard from anyone in a few months, I had sort of set it aside again for a while.

Then on Tuesday, out of the blue, I received an email that basically said, “Hey Everyone, thanks for your help! Attached is the summer schedule.” And wouldn’t you know…there’s my name, scheduled to sing background vocals this Sunday. Granted, I didn’t know what BGV meant at first, but once I found out I got pretty darn excited! They also have a great system where they have so many volunteers that I am only signed up twice from now to the end of the summer. I really love this just because I love being at church without necessarily being committed to leading.

And this morning was a really great experience!  I learned some songs and harmonies right before service, did my best throughout, and overall had a great worship experience, completely different than I am used to.  Yay!

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