Life As I Know It

#64: Run a 5K without walking

I have crossed off #64: Run a 5K without walking. Sure, it took several weeks of 6 am runs (which I intend to continue) but it was totally worth it. Last weekend Boyfriend, Roomate K, and I ran at Ellie’s Run for Africa. If you’ve never heard of Ellie’s Run, definitely check it out. It is such an awesome fund raiser for schools and children in Africa, and it was inspired by an 11-year-old girl five years ago (Ellie, now 16). And yes, we ran the whole entire thing no walking! And sure, we may have paced around an eleven-minute mile, but you have to start somewhere.  Check out some pictures from race day (Thanks K!):

Pre-race roomies in pinks:


And pre-race relationship-ies:




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