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How to get your boot-ay off the couch (right now!)

Sometimes, I feel like it is more my nature to settle into the couch than into a workout routine. But I never regret it when I get myself moving. Lately, I’ve been gearing up for a 5k, and I feel so much better about myself. For those of you like me who have a hard time getting started, you absolutely need to check out this post: Nine Tips to Keep Yourself Exercising over on The Happiness Project. It’s from a while back, but I use it for encouragement all the time and thought you might enjoy it too!

My favorite two tips:

Always exercise on a Monday: This will always get you in a good habit to start the week. If you don’t go on Monday, your chances of going later in the week are much lower. Plus, we all need a morning boost to get us through our M-days.

Never skip exercising three days in a row: I know that if I skip Wednesday, and I skip Thursday, I CANNOT skip Friday. And if I do, I can consider myself officially out of a routine. The more days I skip, the less likely I get back into my routine.


So go get ’em! Do something good for your body and your mind!! Happy Summer!

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