Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

What’s your worm?

The early bird gets the worm. Is this always true?


I’ve adhered to this rule pretty much my whole life. I apply for financial aid as soon as I get my taxes finished. I arrive to any gathering two minutes before start time at the latest. And chances are, if it’s somewhere I’ve never been before or something extra important, I’ll be there 20-30 minutes early. And truly, this habit has always served me well.

But every now and then, I wonder if I miss out on some fun because of it. I go to bed at a decent time, in order to get up early and get to work by 8. This means that I just don’t have the time or energy at night to be out with friends to all hours of the night. I am a morning person and prefer my routine, but sometimes I wonder…what if I had a job that was 10-6? Would I be happier staying out later and sleeping in longer? Probably not. I have a much better sense of accomplishment when things happen earlier.

Ok, so “accomplishment” is my worm–it is the end prize that motivates me. But if my worm was partying…well, this lifestyle certainly wouldn’t support that. So yes, the early bird gets the worm–but what exactly is your worm?

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