Daily Notes, Life As I Know It


Which is more difficult for you–leaving people or having people leave you?  For example, is it easier to see out of town guests leave your home, or to return home after a trip?  Or is it easier to host a party and see everyone leave at the end of the night, or be at one and drive home at the end of the night?

To me, both has pros and cons, but for some reason leaving people is so much more difficult for me.  I ALWAYS have a harder time returning to Nashville from home than I do seeing my parents leave after visiting me, even though I am always sad, either way.  Likewise, the feeling of driving home by myself from anything late at night just brings me down.  I’m still not sure why, though I guess when people leave my house the calm is refreshing and I’m able to focus on cleaning up and going to bed. 

This is just something I’ve noticed about myself lately.  So are you better in people-leaving-you situations or at people-leaving?

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