Daily Notes, Life As I Know It

Taking advantage of your mornings

This week, I have made an effort to truly take advantage of my morning time.  I’ve gotten up just a little earlier than my usual 6:50 in order to accomplish a whole lot more.  As a result, I’ve gotten to work early every day (without trying to), have had more energy, and have felt less stressed about my to do list.  Here’s what the week has been like so far:

Monday: wake up at 6:30, go for a run, get ready, arrive at work at 7:59.

Tuesday: wake up at 6:40, get ready, get gas, drop of clothes at drycleaner, arrive at work at 7:57.

Wednesday: wake up at 6:20, go for a longer run, get ready, gather everything I need to make dinner at boyfriend’s, arrive at work at 7:58.

The key advantages here are that I have more energy at work, and an insta-sense of accomplishment when I arrive in the morning.  Though like all good things, there is one drawback: in order to spring out of bed at my goal-time (which is a rarity) I HAVE to get to sleep by 10:30.  This means cutting my evenings a little short sometimes, but I’ve found that leaving my friends 30 minutes before I would’ve anyway doesn’t make that big of a difference, and I go home still feeling like I’ve had a great night.  So far, so good.  The true test though is trying to keep it up!!

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