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How to NOT get a date with a smart girl.

I’ve had this conversation many a time on a first date, in a bar, or on a bus.  If your conversation went something like this, don’t expect a date…

boy: so where did you go to school?
girl: oh, I graduated from (insert good school here).
boy: oh, wow, I bet you shelled out a lot for that education!
girl: well, I had scholarships, so really it wasn’t too bad.
boy: ah, so you’re one of those really smart girls, huh?
girl: um…yeah.

This may not sound that bad, but seriously, hearing this tells me two very key things:
1) boy is intimidated by smart girls.
2) boy is not smart and/or not confident in his abilities.
Neither of these are qualities I want in a guy. Ladies? Any similar stories?

3 thoughts on “How to NOT get a date with a smart girl.”

  1. so i don’t have a story but i completely agree. it seems that the auto-response when we say where we go to school is “oh, so you must be smart,” and it comes from old people, young people, male and female. SO annoying and old. it is not a good way to start any kind of relations with someone.


  2. Plus how do you respond to this statement of “you must be smart.” I never know and end up being like… “yea, I guess so.” So agreed, boys should come up with a better question to ask or something.


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