Giving your life to Jesus

I hear that phrase a lot: “I’ve given my life to Jesus.” It can be found especially frequently in the stories of those who have risen out of dire circumstances, and become admirable citizens of life.  They have flipped their lives around, committing to goodness and hope.  I love hearing these stories and drawing inspiration from them.  I am especially awestruck by them because though I believe my life is the Lord’s, I could not tell you when it happened, how it happened, or what my ah-ha life changing moment was.  I never had one.  I was raised in love and I am beyond blessed that love is what I have known.  I’ve had some small hardships, but even in those times I always had my hope.  It took a few of those low times before I realized that I always make it out of every low time–and never alone.

All that said, something always strikes a chord with me when I hear someone talk about “when they gave their life to Jesus.”  I love that they had that moment.  But what about the people who never had to pull their lives out of the depths of despair?  What about the people who are good and honest and loving?  Those people might not feel like they need God.  I can see how easy it would be to disregard Him when you are living a good and healthy life.

So what does God add to a good and healthy life?  What can He bring, even to you?  Sure, we know that Jesus brings eternal life, but what about this life?  Would you follow Jesus if you knew there was no heaven or hell?  Well, to me, he brings the definition of eternal love.  He shows us what it means to love unconditionally and passionately.  What it looks like to give up our lives for another.  He teaches us that a full life is always more than we think it is without Him.  I want that kind of love.  No matter how great my life is without Him, I will always need more of that true, passionate, unconditional love.  It is in that love where I place my hope.  And I cannot imagine this life without it.

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