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Tasty Tuesday: Nashville Restaurants

Something that I absolutely LOVE to do is going out to eat.  However, thanks to my budget (and my hips) I try to avoid this luxury.  I’ve been in Nashville for 4 1/2 years now (wow), and in that time I have discovered Nashville classics as well as favorite spots.  I’ve also assembled a list of lengthy places I would like to try.  So today, I am going to challenge myself to my top 5 favorite restaurants in Nashville, as well as the top 5 restaurants I would like to try.

Top 5 Favorite Nashville Restaurants:
1. Cabana. Without question, this is my favorite restaurant for its sangria, hummus, and crazy variety of entrees.
2. Rosepepper Cantina. Over on the east side, this mexican place has delicious americanized-mexican, huge margaritas, and it’s definitely the best bang for your buck.
3. Calypso. It’s a tiny chain, but it makes the best lunches, especially for picnics in the summer. Yum! I want summer time!
4. Cafe Margot. I’ve been to this tiny little French restaurant once, and I am dying to go again. They change their menu all the time, and it is always impressive.
5. Sunset Grill. I know it’s overdone, and right across the street from my number one spot Cabana, but their late night nachos are a must have. And their pasta is pretty good, too (just ask my dad).
Bonus! I just have to give a shout out to Amerigo’s as well. It was the first place I went in Nashville, and I love their pizza and pasta dishes!

Top 5 Nashville Restaurants I’m Dying To Go To:
1. Flyte. Owned by two Vandy grads, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this trendy hot spot.
2. Marche. I’ve heard this is a great brunch spot on the east side, but their entire menu looks amazing to me.
3. Pfunky Griddle. Who wouldn’t love making your own pancakes?? I want some!
4. Mambu. All I know is everyone loves it, and I need to go.
5. Monel’s. It’s a Nashville classic that I have never been to! Family style is always a win.

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