101 in 1001

Megster’s 101 in 1001

THE LIST ended on September 7, 2011. Check out my post to wrap it all up here.

I am not known as a fabulous goal-setter, and this list was particularly hard to make because I’ve spent my months since graduating college checking off a mental list of accomplishments. So there are probably 10-20 items I could not put on here because I have very recently completed them! If only I had known about this project in May…

If you aren’t familiar with the 101 in 1001 project, read about it here! Basically, it is a list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. They must be specific so that there is no ambiguity in their completion. My hope for this list is that I can focus on small successes, and will be able to look back at how they’ve helped lead to larger accomplishments. Some are serious goals, and some are more fun things I would like to experience. We all need some experiences just for fun!  Items in white have yet to be started; items in blue are in progress; items crossed off in blue are COMPLETE.

My start date is December 10, 2008

My end date is September 7, 2011 — My 26th Birthday!

Get Artsy…

1. T-shirt quilt (4/26/10)

2. Crochet an entire scarf

3. Learn to knit or crochet a hat (turns out sewing is more my forte)

4. Make a dress (check me out!)

5. Get 20 pages into making my joy book

6. Start a photo journal (picturing nashville series)

7. Put together a portfolio (M.E. Photography)

8. Make a purse

9. Memorize five songs on piano (1/5)

10. Take voice lessons for twelve months

11. Audition for a show (1/12/09) (Results)

12. Give homemade Christmas gifts each year (2008; 2009; 2010)

13. Begin organizing thoughts and ideas in writing

14. Paint a small canvas, just for myself (1/17/11)


Hopeful purchases…

15. One nice piece of furniture  (6/2/2010)

16. An electric keyboard (2/8/09)

17. Real estate

18. Cheesehead (it’s a magnet, but it’s a cheesehead…)

19. An impulse buy from Williams and Sonoma, for myself


Big goals can be important…

20. Apply for graduate school(12/23/08 )–admitted!

21. Earn a promotion (9/18/09) See?

22. Get off my family phone plan (after grad school)

23. Get off my parents’ car insurance (after grad school)

24. Save $5,000 in a savings account only for emergencies

25. Let myself fall in love


But it’s truly the little things that brighten life…

26. Let my hair grow out

27. Chop my hair off (as short as I will ever have it–1/12/10)

28. Be a bridesmaid for a friend (Mandy, Summer 2012!)

29. Write my life story in one day (6/11/11)

30. Host a wine and cheese party (9/11/09)

31. Add five movies to my collection

32. Throw a surprise party (For Katy 10/18/10)

33. Send in a PostSecret (4/24/09)

34. Write a love letter

35. Complete two puzzles (proof)

36. Pay for someone behind me in a drive through (4/16/09)

37. Give up gossip for one week

38. Take a sewing class (2/3/20)

39. Try on beautiful dresses for no reason with friends (here)

40. Write down something I am grateful for everyday for a month (September 2010)

41. Tell a loved one that I love them…while I’m mad at them

42. Read four books from my collection

43. Read a children’s book with someone (1/8/11)

44. Watch Casablanca (3/13/10)

45. Send flowers to two people for no reason

46. Get an office plant (Adopted a plant on 12/7/09)

47. Bake something with Grandma (11/25/09)

48. Go shooting with dad

49. Visit Door County with mom (9/6/09-9/8/09)

50. Meet Jolynn


Food because I love it, and health because I should…

51. Convince my dad to give me his chocolate icebox cake recipe (12/16/2008–he loves me so much!!)

52. Take a cooking class (9/19/09) For Spence and Carli’s engagement!

53. Try twenty new recipes (20/20) (See them all here!)

54. Create a signature pizza recipe (Trader Joe’s Dough + carmelized onions, mushrooms, and goat cheese)

55. Go apple picking and bake! (11/16/10 – well, sort of...)

56. Find my favorite red wine and white wine (Red: Stumpjump. White: anything sparkly. like champagne. yum.)

57. Spend a whole day in bed when I am not sick (6/11/11)

58. Get my first real massage (in Guatemala, May 2010!)

59. Whiten my teeth three times 

60. Stay under 140 pounds

61. Work out 5 days a week for 4 weeks in a row and repeat…

62. Take a dance class (bought a “living social” 10/18/10)

63. Give up caffeine for a week (1/3/09-1/9/09)

64. Run a 5K without walking (see post here, 6/13/09)

65. Stop biting my fingers for good


Strengthening my faith as best as I can…

(this is a hard one to define, so I’m starting with some numbers)

66. Lead a small group six times

67. Read one book of the Bible each month (Favorite Verses)

68. Participate in a weekly small group for at least six months

69. Put myself in five uncomfortable conversations about faith

70. Pray with someone who has never prayed before

71. Read Case for Christ–everyone is always talking about it!

72. Buy someone a bible

73. Join the worship team in any capacity (6/21/09 read here)



74. wine tasting (Bellmeade Plantation 9/11/10)

75. to the symphony or an opera (1/8/09)

76. to five benefits

77. sledding (12/13/10 read here)

78. ice skating (2/28/11)

79. on an adventure out of my comfort zone (Urban Dare 10/17/10)

80. line dancing at the Wildhorse (1/24/09)

81. to a Predator’s game (3/18/10)


Trips and adventures to be had…

82. Europe (preferably France to visit friends)

83. Take a road trip to the beach (Seaside?)

84. Visit friends in NY… (10/22/09-10/25/09)

85. …and see a show IN NY! (10/24/09)

86. Enjoy a day at six flags (any) with friends

87. Take a long-weekend camping trip

88. Hike somewhere beautiful (Radnor 10/10/10)

89. Visit Houston (12/29/08-1/4/09 )

90. Go clear water kayaking (again!)

91. Learn to roll a kayak

92. Turn my cell phone off for a weekend (hopefully while out of town) (10/9/09-10/11/09)

93. Stay in a nice hotel alone for a night (8/5/09)


Ahhhh the holidays…

94. Have a romantic Valentine’s dinner–in or out! (2/14/09) (Story!)

95. Spend every 4th of July in Wisconsin (Glow stick, parade, fireworks, Hometown Celebration)

96. Suck it up and go to a Haunted House (Monster Mountain 10/16/10)

97. Host a Thanksgiving or Easter dinner (Easter–4/12/09)

98. Make a gingerbread house (11/15/10, a little bit early, I know)

99. Decorate my Christmas tree with my ornament collection! (12/09)

100. Host a Christmas party (12/12/09) Pictures here

101. Attend a fancy New Year’s party or dinner (12/31/09)

6 thoughts on “Megster’s 101 in 1001”

  1. Hi There!
    Your list is great! I see some common goals between us and a lot of great things that I wish I would have thought of to do (then again… no reason why I can’t still do it despite it not being on the list!)

    Good luck on your list~


  2. this is really inspirational!– it makes me want to write my own goals list

    & thank you for your comment (:

    I really enjoy your site,


  3. Hey Meghan!

    I randomly came across your blog through Tasty Kitchen. Anddd I love it! When I saw your list here, I was really inspired to make my own. I’m starting today, and will end on my 23rd birthday. Just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing a really great job! I enjoy reading your new posts, while I unwind with a cup of tea at night.

    Joy & Blessings,



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