Life As I Know It

A Little Hope Can Help

Here’s an interesting article in this weekend’s science news in Science Daily:

It features a study that has found a “potent weapon” to fighting depression: hope.  The article’s definition of hope is that you have goals, and you have laid out a path to reach them.  This is different, it states, than optimism, which is a general expectancy that good things will happen.  So some researchers have begun approaching depression with “Hope Therapy,” which focuses on person’s strengths.  Often in counseling, one focuses on what is wrong with them, instead of what is strong.

Everyone has low points, everyone struggles.  We know this.  Yet, when it’s us, we turn it into something awful.  Maybe next time instead of fretting over our faults, we can look toward the future.  I know my goals are often very vague, and I feel the most on-point when I have a specific direction I am heading.  It makes perfect sense that there is a connection between this and depression.  I am also a firm believer in healing through hope.  This could lead me into a completely separate blog that I will save for another day, but for now, just ask yourself: Where do you place your hope?

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