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Welcome to Fleeting Thoughts…

My reasoning for starting my first blog is multi-fold:

1. I journal anyway, so if I post, an occasional clever thought my appear.

2. I am always wanting to improve my writing, and knowing that someone else might read it is a good motivator to truly scrutinize my grammar and vocabulary (fun word to say of the day: scrutinize).

3. One of my life goals, off my ever-growing list, is to write a book. Somewhere in this blog, an idea for a topic could be born.

4. If college has taught me anything, it is to ask a million questions and listen to the answers people give. I love hearing opinions that differ from mine. So as I come up with the occasional debatable topic, I can think of nowhere better to place it than a blog. Bring on the discussion…

5. And finally: so my family and maybe the occasional friend can keep up on my life and thoughts.

Maybe someone out there can even keep up with my thoughts. If so, we are meant to be friends.  Stay tuned.


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