Bedroom Decor

FINALLY after living in our house for over a year, I feel like our bedroom is decorated. As I’ve mentioned before, we have left the walls in our rental white, partly because I’m scared of committing to color, but mostly because we don’t want to put in the effort to paint. That said, I’ve decorated our home with colors and fun items hanging on the walls here and there. And our bedroom was last on our list. It was SO WHITE and was really bugging me, so I finally cracked and went for it.

A few things that helped spruce it up.

1. Painted Canvases. Couldn’t have been simpler. I bought white canvases, and used blue, green, grey, and white paints to literally throw color all over them. Good enough for me! (I am NOT a perfectionist…)


2. Curtains. WHAT A DIFFERENCE these have made. We have this big window, on a white wall, with white blinds, and it just always looked so naked to me. Now, I’m on a budget, so while I could have bought fancier curtain rod and such, I’m SUPER happy with this pop of color.DSC_0006

3. Random decor. These are things I already had, but didn’t have a place for. A few chalkboards from the wedding. An “R” that wasn’t being fully utilized. An embroidery hoop with random fabric in it. A sweet little paper Wisconsin from my mom on our first anniversary.


4. My upgraded piano bench. Still one of my favorite projects, besides the house divided wreath, of course. I love this bench, and have used it as the color inspiration for the rest of the room. (It’s not in the photos above – sorry – but it’s in the room!)

Piano Bench Upgrade

Piano Bench Upgrade

4th of July Round Up {2014}

I know that this is crazy delayed, but it’s finally time for that annual update of photos from the 4th! Since the parade pretty much looks the same every year, I’ll share a few other adventures instead. We were so lucky to have the hubster’s cousin and his wife drive up from Nashville to join us for the long weekend. Our visit included a 5K, a Sprecher tour, backyard games, and good times all around! So grateful for my family, my hometown, and all the amazing people in my life. What is life without your community??


IMG_4229 IMG_4234  IMG_4250 IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4262


Summer Throw Pillow Face Lift

So, this isn’t exactly a crafting project, but I have “home decor” in my head as “crafting,” so here I am posting it anyway. Our home is SOOO cozy, and I love it. Our living room is especially great, which is convenient since we definitely spend most of our time there. Recently though, it’s felt a little dark. Black couch, maroon chair, dark pillows and blankets…it was time for a little spruce up for summer. Now, it’s just a few throw pillows (which, for the record, my husband has now learned are MUCH more expensive than you would think), but I think it makes a big difference…

Our couch and chair before:

photo 1

photo 2

Our couch and chair after:

photo 3

photo 4


I went with mustard yellow, burnt orange, and dark red pillows so that they still match the red chair but add a bit of brightness. What do you think? Did I do okay??

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (2)


Creative Linen Storage

We are living in a beautiful but old three bedroom home…which has one (tiny) bathroom. When the house was built in the 1920s, it was not even set up for electricity, as many rooms don’t even have light switches. All that to say, the amount of storage space is limited. While we do have a full basement for storage, there is only one tiny linen closet upstairs near the bathroom.

SO this weekend I decided to make a small and easy DIY project happen. With just an inexpensive basket and a few nails, I added this handy little linen storage to our bathroom:


It took a little bit of awkward left handed nailing, but I’m happy with my little high-up linen storage! Not to mention it adds a little pop of color to our otherwise black and white bathroom. Any good weekend projects to share?


photo (14)

Yes, it’s my wedding week, but I just have to share with you all about our big move last week. Even though Jonathan won’t join me in Columbus until August, I was able to move into our house last weekend. So Jonathan and two of his fabulous, brave friends drove up from Nashville with a big (and I mean, the biggest they have) Uhaul full of all our earthly belongings. So I’ve spent the last week or so trying my best to unpack, organize, and make the place start to feel like home.

photo (15)

{Had to get one with Brutus!}

First, let me show you a few walking-in-the-door empty photos. Clean slate!photo (7)

photo (17)

I’ve worked hard, and already gone through so many boxes I’ve lost count.

photo (8)photo (13)

photo (16)

A mess! But now I’m beginning to see the light…Just about everything is about in its place, except of course that there is a lot of wall hanging yet to do…

photo (12)photo (10)

I will be sure to share more photos as I figure out how exactly I’m decorating the house. I’m not much of a decorator…Any tips? Ideas? Volunteers???

Chocolate Cupcake Comfort

I have basically broken the cardinal sin of blogging: be consistent. Sorry about that.

It is a busy and exciting time in my world. We’re not only planning our wedding, but making lots of great and exciting plans for the whole year ahead of us (more on that as things develop). And on top of wedding planning, traveling, and trying to eat a lot healthier, I just have not been doing the amount of baking I used to do. In fact, I’ve had very little time for fun cooking in general! And when we do cook, it’s your pretty standard go-to foods, like the chicken and veggies we all know and love :)

So over the weekend, I was home with the parents in Wisconsin. Upon arriving at dad’s house on Saturday night, he requested that we make some cupcakes together – some good old fashioned father-daughter time. So I pulled up a recipe and we got to work on some good ol’ basic chocolate cupcakes using his stand mixer that is likely older than I am. This quick iphone photo is all I have to show for it (please expose the far from perfect icing designs):


And I actually used Joy the Baker’s recipe for chocolate cupcakes (and no, not the cookie dough / toasted icing part), and they were PERFECT. I honestly think this will be my primary cupcake recipe from here out. They were light in flavor, and made for the perfect texture. Then Dad and I whipped up some basic chocolate buttercream to top it off.

There is something so comforting about doing the things you love with (or for) the people you love. I spent half of my weekend shopping with my mom, and half my weekend galavanting around town with my dad and stepmom. In spite of the fact that I came down with a pretty bad cold right before I got home, my time there was relaxing, refreshing, and all around a great weekend of comfort!

Reorganization 2013

As I have shared before, I really don’t do new years resolutions. Instead, I TRY to make small changes in my life whenever it seems necessary, and this year is no exception.

So much is happening this year, and I could not be more excited. Jonathan and I are combining our lives: our families, friends, visions, and of course, our STUFF. This process is already fully underway, and in an effort to downsize, I have already done some major purging of just about everything I own.

But still, there is more to come. There are closets that need makeovers. There are clothes that need donating. There is jewelry that needs organizing. And while I have already accomplished some of this, I plan to share with you any good before & after organization stories that come our way.

Do you have any great organization tips or stories? Pantries, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms…anything?? Please share!