#39: Try on beautiful dresses with friends

When I wrote this list item, I imagined a few girlfriends and myself venturing into some boutique, where we do not belong (pretty woman style) and trying on all these great gowns. The only difference between us and Julia Roberts is that we wouldn’t actually buy everything on some millionaire’s credit card.

Oh, and we aren’t hookers.

But here’s what really happened. In the not so distant past, my little sister (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I went on an adventure to the mall. She is a girly girl, through and through, but does not have a ton of self-confidence (I mean, did you when you were 11?). So we wandered the dress section, and I suggested that we try on some dresses. I told her she could pick one out for me, and I would pick one out for her.

I found a dress for her that on most women, would probably be very short. However on her, it was a perfect, knee-length dress. Pink with roses all over the skirt, and strapless. I think she was actually stunned with herself when she put it on. The color was great on her, and I’m fairly certain she’s never worn anything made out of any sort of decent fabric.

So while it’s not what I originally imagined, I think it was a great way to fulfill #39 on the list.

Gag Gift Heaven

First, be sure to pronounce the word “gag” with a full blown Wisconsin accent. Something like… gaaaaaaayyyyg.

My lovely friend Christen had us over for dinner the other night, and unbeknownst to us, Christen had over 20 gag gifts to give out to us. Is that love or what?

Each guest received very special glasses.

Gifts such as hulk boxing gloves were given.

I received a Queen Kit — only appropriate, of course — and Katy received a Jesus doll. Have you hugged Jesus today?

Thanks to Christen for making a regular weekend something quite special :)