A Sweet Family Wedding

I just have to share a few photos and words about the sweetest family wedding that the hubs and I attended in Nashville last weekend. Jonathan’s aunt Kathy (sister to his mama) got married over the weekend, to a wonderful man and family. It was just about 25 people or so – immediate family – at the newlyweds new gorgeous home in Murfreesboro.

Everything was so perfect! God is good, and it was so clear on Saturday that He brings people together precisely when they need to be put together. It’s a beautiful thing!

Puppy Sleeps

Puppy sleeps are the best sleeps. I swear, our pup Ryman has two modes – hyper crazy and sound alseep. She sleeps A LOT. And my husband informs me that she is currently a “teenager” in dog years which totally makes sense. She would honestly sleep until noon if we let her.

Here she was this morning when my hubster tried to get her up to go outside…

"Are you serious, bro?"

“Are you serious, bro?”

She spends every night under the covers, curled up by our feet or against our chests/backs. And to get her to go out in the morning, we literally have to carry her all the way downstairs and force her out the backdoor, or she would just run back to the bed. The minute she comes in, she runs straight to her bed in her crate rather than even bothering to go back upstairs to the bedroom.

I seriously can’t handle the cuteness, which is why I don’t mind too much.

And don’t think she doesn’t sleep all day or something – most evenings, as we are watching TV or working on our computers, she is curled up asleep in our laps. Bedtime is really just carrying her outside, making her go to the bathroom, and then putting her in bed. Moral of the story here is I LOVE OUR PUPSTER!!

She’s a cuddler forever and ever – and seems to have been made just for us…

Snuggles for life.

On Guilty Pleasure Reading

I have pretty vast interests when it comes to my reading style. I LOVE non-fictions, like Wild  and Unbroken. But I also love the suspense of Gone Girl and the intricacies of Game of Thrones. 

But I also love the easy, thoughtless pleasure of reading cheesy love stories and tasteless tales. Most recently, this includes Courtney Robertson’s book, I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.


Obviously, by admitting that I read this book, I also must admit that I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Well, I guess half-watch with my girlfriends while we drink wine and talk over much of it. But still, I most definitely watched Ben’s season, when we all loved to hate Courtney. I cheered for Kacie from Nashville, even though she turned out to be a hot mess in the end, and the whole time I thought Ben was a little, well, boring.

Okay, back to the book. I actually seriously, really enjoyed it. It had a lot of inside looks into what it’s really like to be on a show like this (regardless of if you’re the villain or not), and the aftermath of the show airing. She definitely digs on Ben a bit, but I also felt like she is pretty forthcoming about her errors and flaws along the way too. Gotta give it to the girl – she’s brutally honest. And it really goes to show how much you don’t know about these contestants’ lives BEFORE coming on a show like the bachelor.

All in all, read it if you want something fun and easy. And now that that’s done, it’s time for me to dive into the next Game of Thrones book…

Social Media Shaming

So several of my college theater friends (and other friends) have been playing fantasy football together for the last few years. If you play fantasy football, you know that often a team could be projected at 135 points, and end up with like, 80, based on fluke underdog wins, injuries, etc. And every year, we have a gmail chain going to make fun of members of our league (sometimes me) who have scored particularly low.

This year, we are upping the anty. Our first week, my friend Clare was the biggest loser with only 83 points. Meanwhile, the biggest winner was Molly with 155. Through a number of emails, the group decided that each week, the lowest scorer (now known as “The Clare”) will be faced with social media shaming, which will be chosen by the highest scorer of the week.

Make sense? Here’s the simple version.

Week 1: Clare was The Clare. She was forced to post this to facebook with the “♥ her” comment:


Week 2: Ironically, Molly became “The Clare” and was required to post a selfie, in a bathroom, toilet visible, with the comment “everybody poops lol”


Week 3, when I ALMOST BECAME THE CLARE, Brett actually became The Clare, and had to post a throwback photo to Vanderbilt Theater with the hashtags #tbt #college #missthis #tightiewhities… As you might could assume, it’s a VERY tighty whity picture that, no offense Brett, I’d rather not post on my blog.

It’s very possible that this will be me, sometime soon. My team did NOT look good last week when I lost miserably to friend Andy. So if you follow me on facebook, and something you would consider “embarassing” appears, you know why.




I write this post with a big ol’ KNOCK ON WOOD, in hopes of totally not jinxing myself. Even though I don’t even believe in jinxes. But still.

A few years ago, when my friends and I started a fantasy league, I won. I had no idea what I was doing, but I WON THE LEAGUE. It was awesome. But then nobody paid the entry fee and I got none dollars. But still. I won.

I have NOT won since. Not even close.

Well, after two weekends of football, I’m one of only two teams in my league to have a 2-0 record. YAY!! I’m enjoying it while it lasts, because as you can see below, my “points for” (PF) are not the highest by any means. As soon as I play a few high-scoring teams, I’m sure I’ll drop. So for now, loving it while I can!


Do you play fantasy football? Are you lucky at it, or do you actually know what you are doing? I’ll update you later in the season…see if I’m still riding so high and mighty :)


Thirteen Years Later


I remember first hearing about the events of 9/11 during second-period chemistry class my sophomore year of high school. We didn’t know much at the time, and in my little town in Wisconsin, few of us really had any connection to New York. By third-period, teachers turned on TVs. Some of my peers went home at the requests of their parents, and some of my teachers, later in the day, turned off TVs. In retrospect, I’m thinking they probably didn’t want to scare us as more reports of terrorism came out.

I did not have a direct connection to anyone in New York at the time. In fact, since 2001, I had never met anyone who knew someone until two years ago. For my job in fundraising, I travel frequently, meeting alumni and parents of current students. A little over two years ago, I met with a beautiful, happy woman in a suburb of Newark, New Jersey. Part of what I love about my job is that oftentimes, people open up to me about personal stories when the only hardly know me. As this woman talked to me about her daughter’s experiences in school so far, she began to share with me that her husband had worked in the towers, and he was there they day that they went down. With an incredible strength in her voice, she told me about the pain of that day, and the journey that her and her children have been on since. She told me that every year, on that day, they come together as a family. Their daughter flew home from college her freshman year to be together on the tenth anniversary of that tragic day.

It changed things for me. To hear someone’s story, one on one. It put a face to something that I could only relate to on a surface level, like many other Americans. Now, on this day, as I sit in a hotel in Atlanta, not only do I feel gratitude for my family, my safety, my country, but I feel even more respect for the people who left this world that day, and for the loved ones they left behind. My heart goes out to all of you, any of you, who were directly affected by everything that day. I know that none of us will ever forget.