Puzzle Me This

This winter, I have been determined to keep more busy and less mopey throughout the miserable season. I’m pulling out some old tricks – putzing on the piano, reading, candles, social events, and one of my favorites:

I’ve always, ALWAYS loved puzzles. I would do them while we watched football. I would stay up late working on them. I would wake up extra early before school to work on one. I would fall asleep thinking about my puzzle. I loved them all – jigsaw, 3D, logic, you name it. I have always, always, always LOVED puzzles.

I might even have a small pinterest board with puzzles I want. Judge me. Do it.

So why, I asked myself, have I not done one in a few years?! Preposterous, if you ask me.

A couple weeks ago, I finally dumped one out on our dining room table. It didn’t take long before the hubby joined in too.  I mean, two people can only watch so much Netflix (she says on the day that the third season of House of Cards is released…)

In case you care, here is our great work in three phases! Isn’t it pretty?? Time for a new one, I think…

Oh Hey, Thursday.

No seriously, how is it Thursday already? I swear to you, as I was typing the title of this post, I wrote “Oh hey, Wednesday,” and quickly realized OH SNAP IT’S THURSDAY. This week has been bitter cold and seriously nuts at work. I have barely opened my laptop, let alone thought about blogging.


So here are a few updates on what’s been happening since we last spoke…

1. Well first, I should mention that I spent Valentine’s weekend on a work trip to Florida, which wasn’t so bad since I saw sunshine, sand, and my Uncle Bob.

2. Then I came back to Ohio where there was much snow, many blankets, and a small but amazing concert by Tim Reynolds.

3. Also, my husby bought me an amazing new bag for work & travel… LOVE IT.

Parenthood Series Finale

I am so sad to say goodbye to the Bravermans tonight. In my opinion, Parenthood is one of the best shows of all-time. No other show EVER has made me laugh AND cry in just about every episode. Anyone who watches this show wishes they were a part of this family, even though they have had more than their fair share of tragedy and sadness. And after tonight’s show, it will be over. SAD FACE.

If you don’t watch this show, I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel that you need to go binge watch it right away. While I’m not sure that any family has covered this huge spectrum of circumstances (think: aspergers, cancer, infertility, adoption, divorce, single-parenthood, drugs, alcohol, accidental pregnancies, business failures, you name it…), I feel that everyone can related to the emotions, the joys and the hurts, that come along in this life.

Watch it. Love it. Tell me what you think. Let’s talk about it.

A sportsy weekend indeed

This weekend was full of fun sporting events. With the weather being cold and dreary, it felt extra great to have lots of fun plans!!

The NHL All Star Game was in Columbus this year – how perfect!! While we did not go to the game itself, we did go to the expo Friday night. This included meeting & and getting an autograph from Predator’s rookie Filip Forsberg, a quick picture with Gnash, and of course a photo-opp with the Stanley Cup. Next year, this all takes place in Nashville, and YES I’ve already promised the hubby that we will go. (Side note: Hubby is a HUGE Nashville Predators fan.)





The National Championship Celebration at the Shoe. I mean, when you win an undisputed national title and all that, there is bound to be a celebration. Since I work with the Alumni Association at Ohio State, the hubs and I got to sit with a few other staffers and Archie Griffin up in the Alumni Association suite. It was SO COLD OUT so honestly, we probably wouldn’t have gone if not for the suite. But we went! And this guy got to meet THAT GUY.

photo 2

photo 1

Indiana vs. Ohio State Basketball. I actually didn’t think Ohio State would win this one – at least not by much – but they pulled it off. Again, we got to go through my work, and sit at the club level of the Schottenstein (which has as pretty darn good food selection, I might add).

IMG_7503 (1)

All in all, a fun, busy weekend!

A New Car {Adulthood is Real}

Oh man, you guys. This was a real burst of adulthood.

Over the weekend, I let go of the car that I have seriously loved SO MUCH. Given to me by my dad and stepmom back in 2006, this car schlepped me EVERYWHERE. I moved in and out of dorms with it. I drove all around the country in it. I moved furniture for friends. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I really really loved this car.photo 1

But the poor thing just could not handle the winter this year. We had hoped to make it last until at least this summer, but frankly, it just wasn’t cost effective any more. At this point we would have had to put nearly $2,000 into it to REALLY fix everything, and that would only last so long. So instead, we caved this weekend and traded it in for a new car lease. Let me just say, I had NO idea how loooooong the car leasing/buying process is. We were there for five hours!!

As SAD as I am to say goodbye to one car, I’m already really loving having a new car. It’s odd to be lower to the ground, but for the next three years, it works perfectly for me. I only drive a short distance to and from work each day, and leasing seemed like a great option. Who knows where will be or what our family will look like in three years…at that time, we can regroup! Seems like I’m a real adult now…

photo 4

So here it is, our new Hyundai Elantra SE, with all the bells and whistles. It’s sleek. It’s new. It’s got all the amenities I love in the cars I’ve rented but missed in my own car.

photo 3